Mission and Vision

The BSCRS (Belgian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons), grown from the former SOBEVECO (Societ├ęBelge de Verres de Contact), is a professional union according to Belgian Law. The cooperation with the 2 other professional unions (BBO/UPBMO and SOOS), in general and in the field of extramural surgery, created more structure and more support for theprofessional defense of Belgian Ophthalmologists.

Scientific, BSCRS is focused on the anterior segmentof the eye (cornea- and lens-diseases), and historical on medical contactlenses.The aim has always been to be didactic and practical as well.
The yearly Wintermeetingof BSCRS is focused on advancedlasertreatments and surgical techniques.Some of these meetings are in association with other (international) organizations.
The BSCRS was also one of the founding societies of OB, where it organizes a full day course, at a more comprehensive level.

Finally, BSCRS wants to create a forum for its members ophthalmologists, enabling them to exchange their experience, to acquaint themselves with scientific publications and to participate in such publications.
The medium par excellence for the realization of this objective is this completely restyled WEBSITE.

Robert Van Horenbeeck, President.
December 2014